Our skills are concentrated around refrigerated transport under controlled temperatures (-20 ° C to + 6 ° C).

View America Logistics and Transportation has recognized and appreciated know-how in the transport and cold logistics of food products. Our network throughout the country allows us to offer our customers a local service combining punctuality, quality, and food safety.

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Refrigerated Transport For All Food Products

Specialists in Refrigerated Transport; we transport all food products, according to their type of temperature

  • Meat, poultry, cold cuts• Fresh fruit & vegetables • Fruit & Vegetables 4th range (raw) • Fruit & Vegetables 5th range (cooked) • Bakery, pastry • Frozen products
  • Dairy products• Ready meals, catering • Preserves • Beverages • Seafood

In The Respect Of “Just In Time”

Your food safety, punctuality, stock management, supply, and delivery requirements concern us. Thanks to our network of more than 30 platforms located throughout the country, we organize the flows best suited to your needs. Assisted by high-performance technological and IT resources, we optimize the order preparation, tracking, and delivery of your goods in 24 hours in North Dakota and 24/48 hours in AmericaDeliveries in A for A and A for B and North Dakota.

Refrigerated Transport Operations

We master all transport operations:

  • Courier
  • Complete and multi-product trucks
  • Lots and retail deliveries
  • Dedicated rounds
  • Groupage

Whether you are food manufacturers, distributors, actors of the R.H.D., craftsmen, or traders, we are able to offer you an à la carte service, in a process of continuous improvement.