The organization of View America Logistics and Transportation pursues the offer of customized solutions for each of our clients, whatever their sector of activity, which pushes us to work determining their logistics needs and to design, plan and execute each of the services we provide.

Thus, we attach special importance to our Warehouse Management System which allows our customers to benefit from the fruits of continuous planning and real-time monitoring and control of all operational processes of the merchandise cycle.

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This Warehouse Management System is also strengthened by our solid infrastructure. An infrastructure that has infrastructure strategically located in Andalusia, Madrid, and Valencia, as well as coverage through a network of collaboration agreements throughout Spain.

A faithful example of our strategic location is our own warehouse in the Seville Freight Transport Centre at Km.0 of the SE-30. Only with this center, View America Logistics and Transportation has a storage capacity of 4,000 m² at 10 meters high with 30 docks and 2 access ramps.

In short, View America Logistics and Transportation try to offer a personalized service to the client, combining the use of technology that allows the planning, monitoring, and control in real-time of the merchandise, and the strength of its infrastructures.