Tips To Improve The Relationship With Your 3PL Operator

Align goals

Moving towards a common ground is key to any good business relationship. In this case, both you and the California 3PL operator logistics company you choose must set the same goals, so the work will be much more flexible.

It is also helpful to set measurable goals with which to evaluate what is obtained over time.

Share all your information with California 3PL operator

For the California 3PL operator to guarantee quality deliveries, it is vital that it knows the behavior of its customers.

Provide all the details about the consumption habits of your target audience, the sales forecast, and everything related to complaints or reasons for return.

Synchronizes systems and operations

In an operation in which the work of two different actors converges, certain inaccuracies are likely to occur.

For example, for the management of the arrival of goods, the preparation of orders, or the selection of customs documentation to be effective, it is necessary to synchronize the work model.

It is also interesting to provide a system of monitoring and traceability of operations so that both agents are always informed of the status of each procedure.

Optimize your warehouse for 3PL

Sharing a California small warehouse for rent can bring certain disagreements, so it is advisable to make certain optimizations that favor the work:

  • Maintain a good stock turnover
  • Have different areas for each process
  • Synchronize spaces and processes
  • Use an EMS program that allows communication between teams
  • Create picking routes taking into consideration all those involved

Establish a model for emergencies

Workflows in eCommerce are usually quite unstable.

You must agree with your operator on a model of action for those moments in which the high peak of orders can cause a bottleneck in your logistics operation.

This is essential for the work in high season to go ahead without incident.

Review KPIs

Measuring the performance of the activity every certain period is essential to adjust the operation.

However, the review of KPIs in eCommerce must be done jointly, so none of the parties involved will be uninformed and can act accordingly.

With a reputable California 3pl Provider, you can be confident of having swift maneuvers with your goods.