The Stirling steam engine and the Stealth ship

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The "antique" Stirling steam engine

In 1816, the Reverend Robert Stirling sought a safer alternative to the steam engines of the time, whose boilers sometimes exploded due to high steam pressure and imperfect materials.

He invented the Stirling steam engine, which is the most effective steam engine ever developed. It is an external combustion engine, that isolates its working fluid from the energy input, supplied by an external heat source. Solar powered Stirling engines are becoming increasingly popular, as they are a very environmentally sound option for producing power.

They could actually seriously compete with conventional gasoline engines, were it not for the fact that it still takes too long to build up enough pressure, the lower power density, and the high material cost per unit.

But some day, surely an unsung genius will come up with the perfect "Stirling home generator", that will provide free and unlimited power in sunny climates !

Google "Stirling steam engine" on the Internet, and you will be amazed with the results you get !

the Stirling steam engine

Video : Solar Power Stirling engine with Fresnel lens

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The "futuristic" Stealth ship

Congress wants to build a new and ultra-sophisticated Navy. But that prestigious proposal could well prove to be priceless, in more than one meaning.

The ships would have the most advanced weapons, be equipped with ultra-sophisticated electronic systems so that a much smaller crew is required. They would also dispose of Stealth Technology, so that the enemy radar would only indicate an image of an ordinary fishing boat !

Now you see it, now you don't...

Stealth ship

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