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The Natchez Trace

Natchez, Mississippi, is where the ancient Natchez Trace begins.

At first it was no more than a series of Indian hunter trails through the virgin forests of Mississippi. But over the years, it would develop into a 440-mile long road over the hills, through Mississippi and Alabama, that ended up in Nashville, Tennessee.

By 1733 the French knew the area well enough to make an accurate map. This map featured an Indian trail, that ran from Natchez to the northeast. By 1785 farmers from present-day Tennessee and Kentucky, in the fertile Ohio Valley, started transporting their agricultural products with rafts over the Mississippi river to Natchez, and from there to New Orleans.

Since they couldn't return upstream, they sold their rafts for its wood value and had went home walking or riding. The Natchez Trace was the most direct route, and an ever growing number of travelers developed it into to a well-defined trail.

Around 1810 successive improvements had turned it into the most traveled road through the wilderness. It was the only reliable link over land between the new eastern States and the ports of Mississippi and Louisiana.

the Mississippi river
the Natchez Trace 1 map

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