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Americans still proudly talk about the thirteen original colonies. These are the British colonies that received a royal charter from the British Crown to settle in North America.

Since the territories were still largely unknown and certainly unexplored at the time when these Charters were issued, the British Crown in its "Royal Innocence" majestically granted them the entire territory across the whole width of the continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean!

The Crown thereby tacitly ignored any existing colonies that had previously been founded by Swedes, Dutch, French or Spanish. It simply did not concern itself about whether any other nationalities, groups or people resided or had resided in these territories, nor about any existing property rights or previous claims of other countries...

The main reason for such an inexplicable generosity and the extensive grants was of course money. Both the British and the French royal families used this convenient way to pay off their very high (war) debts. In their royal eyes these territories were uninhabited, didn't generate any revenue and only cost handfuls of money for supplies and expeditions...

The thirteen original (British) colonies are:

Connecticut New Hampshire Rhode Island
Delaware New Jersey South Carolina
Georgia New York Virginia
Maryland North Carolina  
Massachussetts Pennsylvania  

the thirteen original colonies in 1775

Even long after the colonies had declared their independence, the original Royal Charters continued to lead a life of their own in American politics. Every so often, some state or other would refer to them to support even the most outlandish property claims...

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