between 1500 and 2000

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The American territorial expansion of what is at present the United States of America is rather extraordinary! A convenient way to visualize this expansion over 500 years, is with reference dates and historical maps.


1000 (probably) exploration by the Vikings of Golf of St Laurent
1497 (probably) British exploration (John Cabot ) of east coast
1524 French exploration (Giovanni da Verrazzano) of east coast
1542 Spanish exploration of California
1570 Spanish exploration of Virginia
1584 British exploration (Sir Walter Raleigh)
1607 the British build Fort James (later Jamestown)


French exploration

France claims La Louisiane

La Louisiane 1682


British, French, Spanish and uncharted territory
1754 - 1763 the French and Indian War
1763 French cession of all territories east of the Mississippi River


the Thirteen Original Colonies, Indian Territory, and Spanish Territory (French Louisiana had been ceded to Spain)

1775 - 1783 the American Revolution
1783 British cession of East and West Florida to Spain

United States of America



Organization of states and territories, French and Spanish territory, La Louisiane returned to France



Louisiana Purchase from France

the Louisiana Purchase in 1803
1818 Treaty with Great Britain : acquisition of parts of North Dakota and Minnesota, cession of part of Montana - joint occupation of Oregon Country
1819 Spanish Cession of East end West Florida, and part of Louisiana
1821 Independence of Mexico


the Texas annexation from Mexico
1846 Acquisition of Oregon Country, by treaty with Great Britain


Mexican War - Acquisition of Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming, by Mexican cession



the Gadsden Purchase,
from Mexico

second Mexican Cession,
parts of Arizona and New Mexico

the Gadsden Purchase and another Mexican cession in 1853

1783 - 1853


1861 - 1865

the Civil War

Free states and slave states

civil war, free and slave states in 1861
1867 the Alaska Purchase, from Russia
1898 the Hawaii Annexation
1898 Spanish cession, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam
1917 the Virgin Islands Purchase, from Denmark



Graphic progress of territorial expansion

A splendid and masterly graphic overview of the territorial expansion between 1750 and 2008, made by Esemono !

splendid overview by Esemono

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